Religious Education

Welcome to St Augustin’s religious program.

St. Augustin’s holds weekly religious education classes for grades 1-7 after 0930 Sunday Mass, 1015-1115 on most non-holiday weekend Sundays beginning Sunday Sept 24 immediately after the 9:30 am Mass through 12 May 2024.

Registration Sun 17 Sept 2023 after 0930 Mass. Parents + student(s), meet front pews of church for blessing then we’re all off to class 

  • To save you time, relevant docs are available on-line (St Augustin’s web site, Religious Education tab) for you to complete prior to registration session, including:
    • Registration form
    • Schedule
    • Fees ($35.000 for 1 kid; $45.00 for 2 kids; $55.00 for 3 or more kids)
    • Circle of Grace form you sign that I owe diocese (you promise to teach a child-safety class to your kid)
  • Please bring above (check + registration form + Circle of Grace signed “promise to teach” docs) to registration


Notional (TBD) class mix: (grade structure determined after student #s, ages, determined after registration). Ideally:   

  • Grades 1-2
  • Grades 3-5
  • Grades 6-7


Help wanted: no pay, no $ benefits (but other benefits of sharing your time, talents “later on”)

No experience required

Good heart + experience w/ own or other’s kids = good resume


Blessings to all,


(I go to Sun 9:30 Mass, sit in front, right pews. Always available to chat after Mass)   


Shawn W. Burns, Ed.D.

St. Augustin’s Religious Education Coordinator

Religious Education Form 2023-2024

Religious Education Schedule 2023-2024

Circle of Grace letter & Acknowledgments



The Second Grade is prepared for both the sacrament of Penance and Holy Communion. Participation in First Grade Religious Education is a prerequisite. 



We have a shared Confirmation program for all St. Mary’s and St. Augustin’s students held at St. Mary’s Parish.